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How will R2A support financial authorities?

R2A is designed to be both customizable and adaptable to the specific context and needs of the partner financial authorities. R2A aims to help address key regulatory and supervisory pain points identified by the partner financial authorities by providing financial support, technical expertise, and peer-learning opportunities.

How can an interested financial authority engage with R2A?

Emerging market financial authorities can:

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Please contact R2A@bfaglobal.com for more information.

What resources will R2A contribute to the project?

R2A will contribute the following resources:

  • Technical specialists with expertise in financial regulation, supervision, and the use of artificial intelligence and other technologies to work with partner financial authorities and innovators, both remotely and through periodic country visits.
  • A local project manager to work with partner financial authorities on a part-time basis to ensure effective support throughout implementation.
  • Peer learning opportunities (both in-person and online) with a cohort of financial authorities, expert fintech advisors, and other selected stakeholders in the emerging RegTech community.

What resources are partner financial authorities expected to contribute to the project?

  • An executive champion at the Deputy Governor level to act as Project Sponsor. The Project Sponsor will advise on the project’s strategic direction and sign off on major milestones.
  • A senior officer to act as Project Lead. The Project Lead will serve as the partner financial authority’s project manager for facilitating day-to-day project activities.
  • Other staff time as required for active participation in key R2A decisions, such as defining a use case and selecting/engaging with an innovator.

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Who do I contact for further questions?

We would be happy to answer additional questions. Just send us an email at R2A@bfaglobal.com

How can I stay up to date with project developments?

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