Financial Authority Partner Profile:

Bank of Ghana

About Bank of Ghana


The Bank of Ghana (BoG) is the central bank of Ghana. The BoG is partnering with R2A to prototype a chatbot and processing utility that will enable:

  • Electronic money users to access a new channel to file complaints and receive immediate support through messages or an app on their mobile handsets.
  • The Financial Stability Department and the Payments Supervision Department at the BoG to access a new set of quantitative and qualitative information that will enable its staff to understand customer experience better, easily detect fraud in the electronic money market and incorporate the resulting insights in oversight and policy development. Also, by using chatbots to gather information in real time, the BoG will create a new channel to amplify the voice of the customer with respect to issues affecting the development of a responsible and inclusive financial sector. Moreover, developing a chatbot that can communicate via SMS will enable the BoG to obtain feedback from all customers rather than just from smartphone and internet users.
  • Electronic money issuers to reduce employee workload and response time by delegating mundane and routine tasks (e.g., password resets) to chatbots, saving human labor for more complex or nuanced tasks.

The project will deliver a prototype by June 2018. The competition to select the firm that will prototype this regtech solution will be launched in Fall 2017.

Project Sponsor

Dr. Johnson Asiama

Second Deputy Governor

Dr Asiama joined the Bank in 1996 and he has served in various departments such as Banking Supervision Department, the Financial Markets Department, the Research Department and the Governors Department. 

Before his appointment as a Deputy Governor, Dr. Asiama was the Assistant Director at the Economics Department of the Bank where he coordinated the work of the Monetary Policy Committee and supported the work of the Governors directly.




Project Lead


Francis Blankson

Head of Financial Stability

Francis Blankson is leading a team that is mandated to ensure that potential risks to the efficient functioning of Ghana’s financial system are identified at an early stage and proposals made of remedial actions for any recognized vulnerabilities.

His team also develops, assesses and researches on tools that facilitate financial system surveillance. Francis Blankson also reports periodically to the Board of Directors of the Bank of Ghana on the state of Ghana’s financial system. Previously, he was providing technical support to the Monetary Policy Committee (2002 – 2010).