Chatbot and Processing Utility for Customer Complaints Prototype | Philippines

In the context of the R2A initiative, the Bankgo Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP, the Philippine Central Bank) has requested the development of a chatbot and processing utility for customer complaints (the Project) to::

  1. Enable consumers to file complaints through their mobile via handsets through text messages or an app;

  2. Address queries and complaints through the chatbot; and 

  3. Use data and insights gathered through the chatbot for oversight and policy development purposes.

The creation of a chatbot would allow BSP to improve its understanding of customer experience and more easily detect fraud in the electronic money market. It will also  enable the BSP to obtain feedback from all customers rather than just from smartphone and internet users. This is expected to strengthen consumer trust in the financial industry, which should positively impact financial inclusion efforts.

This would also reduce employee workload and response time by delegating routine tasks (e.g., directing non-BSP complaints to the right institution) to chatbots, saving human labor for more complex tasks. This intelligence will also be used to design risk-based supervisory activities and will feed into the development, monitoring and evaluation of its consumer protection policies.

The project will deliver a prototype rather than a complete, production-ready product. The prototype will be tested with BSP.


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