How does R2A Work?

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The Project Timeline


How do R2A and Partners work together?


  • Technical specialists with expertise in financial regulation, supervision, and the use of FinTech solutions to work with partner regulator and innovators, both remotely and through periodic country visits. 
  • A local project manager to work with partner regulator on part-time basis to ensure effective implementation and coordination. 
  • Financial resources
  • Cover the cost of identifying innovators and developing a prototype solution.
  • Cover minimal additional costs, such as travel costs for partner staff to participate in R2A events when partner is unable to fund.


  • An executive champion at the Deputy Governor level to act as Partner Project Sponsor for advice on project’s strategic direction and sign off on major milestones.
  • A senior officer to act as Project Lead to serve as the counterparty partner project manager for facilitating the day-to-day project activities.
  • Other staff time as required for active participation in key R2A decisions, such as defining a specific regulatory use case and selecting/engaging with an innovator.