Program Partners

Launched in October 2016, R2A will partner with a select set of leading financial regulators over twenty months to develop and test next-generation RegTech prototypes that could serve as examples for other regulators to follow. R2A will also engage closely with technology innovators, creating structured opportunities for innovators to propose solutions and for regulators and innovators to collaborate in the design and testing of promising ideas.  


What do we offer our program partners?


Technical assistance

Regulatory/supervisory and FinTech experts to work with partner regulator to select use case for application of RegTech solution;

Fintech experts to facilitate identification and selection of innovators/firms to develop and test prototype Regtech solution; and

Support for Project Lead and other partner staff.

Financial support

Selection of innovator/firm to develop and test prototype RegTech solution (through competition);

Funding selected innovator/firm to develop and test RegTech prototype; and

Occasional travel costs for partner staff to participate in R2A events (if partner is unable to cover these costs).

Project management

Management of entire process from identification of use case and selection of innovator/firm through development and testing of prototype RegTech solution.

Knowledge Exchange

Peer learning opportunities (both in-person and online) with cohort of 3-4 pioneer regulators, expert FinTech advisors, and other stakeholders in the emerging RegTech community.