What is R2A?

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Problem statement

Financial markets are undergoing a digital, data-driven revolution. Financial authorities have difficulty keeping up with this rapid innovation. Regulatory and supervisory systems are falling behind because their capacity has not increased commensurately with the market’s expansion and complexity, and the inclusion of millions of new users. The future of financial supervision and regulation lies in harnessing new technologies to enhance authorities' capabilities and deliver smart solutions.

Project description

The RegTech for Regulators Accelerator (R2A) provides the opportunity for financial authorities to better understand marketplaces and customer needs in data-rich environments. R2A partners with leading financial authorities to pioneer the next generation of tools and techniques for market supervision and policy analysis.

To source the best possible solutions, R2A engages closely with technology innovators building bespoke engagements with partner financial authorities to prototype cutting-edge solutions. Together with our partners we are reengineering supervision and policymaking using a technology-driven, digital-first, RegTech-enabled approach.

Launched in 2016, R2A offers a comprehensive suite of services to supervisors and regulators, including: technical support, capacity building, project management, and knowledge exchanges. As an accelerator and leader in RegTech, R2A has the proven ability to meet the needs of financial authorities across the globe in a highly dynamic and rapidly changing financial world.

For its partners, R2A has developed solutions for the collection, analysis and usage of data to:

  • improve market oversight
  • develop smarter, proportional, risk-based regulation
  • reduce compliance costs
  • increase consumer trust, financial well-being, and participation in the financial system

RegTech for Regulators was launched in October of 2016. Take a look at the launch event!